Klaine in NYC

My name is Karely.
I'm 22. Female.
Puerto Rico. Boricua!
I speak Spanish, English, Spanglish, & Fangirl.
Studying Psychology since 2009.
Graduation: June 11, 2014!

Klaine. Glee. Darren Criss. Chris Colfer. CrissColfer.
Demi Lovato. Ariana Grande. Lady GaGa.
Doctor Who.
The Hunger Games. Divergent.
Pretty Little Liars. The Vampire Diaries.
Harry Potter. Always.

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do you ever get mad because there’s so much wasted potential in characters and relationships and plotlines in some shows


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My opinion on Jennifer Lawrences leaked nudes:

Have you never seen a nipple before
It’s not a big deal
I love you Jennifer
Fuck everyone who thinks otherwise

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Ellen should win an Oscar for being Ellen

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Glee Season 1 image

Glee Season 2 image

Glee Season 3 image

Glee Season 4  image

Glee Season 5  image

Glee Season 6  image

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Just three solos for Rachel and one duet? Why can’t Rachel sing all the songs? She’s clearly the most loved person on the show! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, watch me not watching Glee!

Scary thing is, from what I’ve gathered at least 70% of the people who watch or have watched Glee, really dislike Lea Michele. 

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I can’t thank y’all enough for another great month of collabs. <3

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